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Welcome to ABORIGINAL, CULTURAL TOURISM, we are a tourist operator located in the municipality of Sáchica Boyacá Colombia, just 7 km from Villa de Leyva. We are a company specialized in cultural and patrimonial tourism of the Sachiquense territory: desert of the Candelaria, cultural landscape, hiking, rock paintings, doctrine center, local culture and gastronomy, hot springs, Calvary’s Mountain, olives park, Pliosaurio; We offer the service of guide and professional historical explanation, through routes designed specifically for walks by the different places and landscapes of the municipality; Advocating the enjoyment, conservation and dissemination of the archaeological, paleontological, historical and Andean cultural landscape with the least possible impact. A unique experience of knowing firsthand this ancient culture through its landscapes, trails, fauna, flora and heritage traces.

Sustainable tourism

Our commitment is with a professional, personalized and high quality experiential tourism that guarantees the complete satisfaction of our clients; those who wish to enjoy nature, cultural heritage, the outdoors and wellness tourism in safety; we also have pedagogical space routes for schools, universities, cultural centers, institutes, or companies.

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Travel in time with us, through imagination, history and cultural heritage.

Ecoturismo Latinoamerica


Aboriginal cultural tourism has been operating since 2018, thanks to this work we won the convocation number 73 of the SENA FONDO EMPRENDER, investment that is being executed this year 2020; our main innovation consists in our historical professional guidance; for being an experience with new and totally safe routes for the environment and for the visitor. We bet on the not massive cultural tourism, where you will be able to know first hand the most important archaeological, historical, paleontological and natural sites of the territory of Sáchica, including the only waterfall of thermal sulphur water of the zone; unmissable destinations within the ancestral Muisca triad of the Saquencipá valley: the painting rocks from the Muisca culture (archaeological heritage of humanity); the Sachica doctrinal church, the MUISCA astronomical Observatory “el Infiernito” (archaeological heritage of humanity); the sacred lagoon of Iguaque, where the Muisca people originated and of course the majestic Candelaria desert; as well as other destinations in the upper Ricaurte province :. the Fósil Museum, UN paleontological museum, Antonio Nariño museum, Antonio Ricaurte Museum; among others.

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