5 Reasons To Do Cultural Tourism In Sáchica Boyacá


The Province of the High Ricaurte in Boyacá, is postulated before the UNESCO with the purpose of being declared patrimony of the humanity in its character of mixed landscape: cultural and natural; Sáchica is the portal of the high Ricaurte, to the being the door of entrance to the same one and its intention of declaration has to do with a unique patrimonial wealth in paleontology, history, archaeology and Andean cultural landscape; as well as the moor of Iguaque declared natural national park and the desert of the Candelaria. In this sense Sáchica is planned for cultural tourism.


In that general context of the province, Sáchica has its particular natural and cultural patrimonial wealth, true world treasures that are worth visiting and above all to understand in territory, walking, exploring, living! These treasures are: 1. It is “Sachicasaurus Vitae”, the largest Pliosaurus fossil in the world. 2. The group of cave paintings of the Muisca culture. 3. Archaeological and cultural museum of Sáchica, which shows us seven indigenous tombs found in the scale of the municipality. 4. Doctrinal group of the XVI and XVII centuries. 5. 6. Desert of the Candelaria.


The territory of Sáchica and the Province of Alto Ricaurte are characterized by being a territory of friendly, rural people; its mountains are backwaters of peace, where you can walk and meet with total security, and really feel a direct contact with nature and culture, the only risk is not wanting to go! This makes it a wonderful place for ecotourism, cultural and sustainable tourism, disconnecting from the city and the day to day life to return to the origin and maintain a direct contact with the land, the silence of the mountains and the whispering of the living history of our Muiscas ancestors.


Sáchica is a central point on the map when it comes to tourism and tours, it is very close to Bogota, only 3 hours and 30 minutes away; 45 minutes from Tunja and 50 from Chiquinquirá; only 5 minutes from Villa de Leyva (7 KM) it has a complete cycle route: Sáchica -Villa de Leyva and vice versa; with enough lodging capacity for about 700 people. In a weekend you can travel around this province and in half a day you can do any of the cultural and ecological tourism activities that ABORIGEN offers, CULTURAL TOURISM, mainly walks and bicycle routes.


During the Sáchica pandemic it has been characterized to remain without serious affectations of COVID 19, the local authorities have taken measures of disinfection of vehicles, streets and other places, even in the park of the municipality they are arranged several washbasins with liquid soap for all visitor; ABORIGEN, TRISMO CULTURAL has a strict protocol of biosecurity approved by the mayor’s office of Sáchica, that offers confidence and total enjoyment of these activities outdoors.

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