Get Ready To Travel In Time

When I left the city, I never imagined that time travel is possible, because there is nothing impossible for the human brain; when you go to Sáchica you will be able to make a trip in time and get to know other times and other people, take a look at the traces of those who preceded us and feel in those remote places the voices of our ancestors; travel through History, cultural heritage and imagination. There is no greater delight for the human being than to contemplate himself and try to understand himself in time and space, “know yourself” says a Greek phrase from thousands of years ago; and in these mountains and sites there are portals that allow us to see the journey behind us, the living before our lives, and the present as an inevitable result, but also a builder of the future, of that which constitutes us.

So get ready to travel in time, leave your clean office shoes and go out and breathe some fresh air. In this trip we will enter the Muisca culture and we will travel through its spaces, its daily life, social organization and history, we will see face to face the caciques or Sihipkuas, in Muisca language, their hardships and transformations, their mythology and sacred places, we will look at them on the roads towards the Bihotes or ceremonies, to leave their offerings in the mountains, rivers and lakes. We walk their steps along sunny paths in the middle of the mountains and bathe in the warm water of Mother Earth.

I have been in many places in the world, but I never thought that walking I could travel to the past; thus I lived this trip to Sáchica, the surprise was the determining factor in all this journey, I would return without a doubt. Anonymous traveler.

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